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7VENTH POWER, Inc. is committed to helping companies expand their business at various stages of maturity. Our development group focuses on creating growth strategies that increase and unleash profits, improve the return on investment, and eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses. Our services include working with, training and developing the management team to be more effective and productive in operations, sales and building new business. We will also assist our clients in the preparation of raising capital, and aid them in achieving funding from sources available based upon their current maturity. This may include Venture Capital or an initial public offering. 7VENTH POWER, Inc. also works with companies that have distressed assets by assisting in and preparing them for both mergers and divestitures.

Crisis Management

7VENTH POWER’s public relations team has the expertise to deliver an appropriate response to counter the crisis - Read More 

Strategic Planning

7VENTH POWER can perform a complete review of the company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities - Read More


Public Speaking

Richard Scrushy will use his powerful insights to demonstrate how you can attain personal and professional success - Read More

• Develop policies and procedures for every aspect of the company’s human resources and personnel department.
• Guiding expansion of your business.

• Provide strategies that transform small companies into large national businesses.

• Implement business systems and best business practices that create a solid foundation of operations.

• Train and motivate your sales force for success.

• Develop marketing plans that will increase sales and create a premium brand.

• Assist in developing best customer profile and demographics.

• Assist the company in preparing financing strategies.

• Develop presentations and proposals.

• Procure institutions to provide funding.

• Insure proper controls and accounting systems are in place to meet all regulatory requirements.

• Aid the company in all areas of acquisition and merger activities to include presentations, targeting, negotiations and closure.

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